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December 23, 2020

Fathers Our Children Need Us Personally

By Ianpassion
The photo was taken at Sunset View, Paknam, Satun, Thailand

It is always rewarding to see how fast our children grow and learn. They are no longer what they once were. I have found that every day is a treasure to be cherished.

Regardless of how busy or tired we are, we must always make time for our children. Digital or virtual entertainment programs should not take the place of our quality time with them. We must assist our children in connecting with reality, nature, people, and, most importantly, with our Abba Almighty.

Unfortunately, many fathers nowadays are more concerned with their hobbies, jobs, and friends than with their children. As a result, they do have not much time with family and delegate most of the household responsibilities to someone.

As I look around, I see many retired or elderly people living a life full of regrets. They want to make corrections for the mistakes of the past, but it is too late. They are currently harvesting what they planted. 

To conclude...

I believe there are three things in life that we cannot undo: time that has passed, an opportunity that has been missed, and a word that has been spoken. So, let us not squander these three precious principles. So, the latter part of our lives will be filled with joy rather than regrets.

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