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Dec 23, 2020

Parents, Our Children Need Us Personally

By Ianpassion
The photo was taken at Sunset View, Paknam, Satun, Thailand

It is always rewarding to see how our children are growing and learnings so fast. They are not anymore like they used to be. I have found out that every day is a treasure to cherish.

Fathers, even how much busy or tired we are, we should always find time to give our best time to our children. Our quality time with them should not be replaced by digital or virtual entertainment programs. We should help our children to connect with reality, with nature, with people, and above all with our Abba Almighty.

It is sad to say this, many fathers nowadays care the most about their hobbies, job, and friends more than their children. As a consequence, they are hands-off with most of the responsibilities at home. They have much time to with their phones, but they can't even read a book with their children.

As I see around me, there are many retired or old folks nowadays who are thriving life full of regrets. They wish to correct the past but it is too late already. They are harvesting the bad fruits now. I am sorry.

I believe there are three things that we can't undo anymore in life: time that has been gone, an opportunity that has been missed, and a word that has been said. So, let us not waste these three things in life. Be wise enough how are we going to use them. So the later part of our lives will have no regrets, but celebration.

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