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January 13, 2022

Christmas 2021 Thanksgiving: Nana Says Thanks For Healing My Arm

By Ianpassion
Nana and Nemi were wrapping their Christmas gifts in 2021

I asked my daughter what she is thankful for this Christmas. She replied, "Papa I am thankful to our Father for healing my arm. Now the cast is off. This is my Christmas gift from Him." "Yes," I responded.

December 12, 2021

I Wrote These Articles In The Past, My Christmas Reflection

By Ianpassion
Picture was taken at Manang Viewpoint, Satun Province, Thailand 2021

What if the Son was not born? What if He offered salvation without His incarnation? Our Father is not only concerned with our redemption but as well as our happiness. He knew that through His birth He could express more of His love and share happiness with humanity.  What the Angel proclaimed that the Son’s birth would cause great joy for all the people is fulfilled (Luke 2:10). This season is about the begotten Son, so the focus is on Him, not on us. Read more here...

He came down from heaven and no human limitation or darkness in this world could discourage Him. He is committed. He could actually redeem us without His incarnation into human flesh (through a birth of a baby Son), but He thought of you and me... how could we experience His affection the most: His joy and felt His love. Read more here...

You might ask, what is new about the birth of the Son? It is a kindergarten story. Whatever possible reasons you have, allow me to simply elaborate on three important things about the Father's love through the birth of His Son. It is a fact that Christmas history began with the story of the Son 2,000 years ago when Rome was still in power. Some might deny this fact, but history tells us that there was a baby wrapped and placed in a manger. Read more here...

Whatever life takes us. Our breakthrough is today. Our breakthrough comes when we are broken. Be encouraged! Hold on to our dream. Our Father allows us to get up today from our bed because He is not finished with us yet.  This Christmas is about His immanence.  He is our Emmanuel, our loving Father who is with us (Mathew 1;23). He who promised not to leave us, and from him we got our inner drive to keep going. Read more here...

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