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April 22, 2022

Recalled Nana's Birth, Now She is 8, Year 2022

By Ianpassion

Nana was deprived of oxygen in Nittie's womb for approximately 18 hours after her water bag ruptured. It happened around 12:01 a.m. on April 20. So we rushed to a nearby hospital, but no doctor was available. We were taken to the largest provincial hospital. The doctor arrived the next day around 10 a.m., but he bypassed Nittie. When we asked the nurse, she said Nittie had no labor pains and wasn't his (booked) patient. We were so troubled. Nana in the womb was not moving already. I told Nittie that we should leave and go to PSU (the biggest hospital in the south of Thailand). But we couldn't leave until we signed an agreement saying that the hospital where we were admitted was no longer responsible for anything that happened afterward. The process was slowed because some signatories were not yet in the hospital. We left around 2 p.m. and drove 100 kilometers from our province to PSU Songkhla province. We arrived late in the afternoon, and Nittie was immediately placed in emergency care and transferred to the delivery room. "Why have you just arrived?" the doctor inquired. "We're from the other province, doctor," we replied.

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