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December 12, 2023

How the Father's Love Revealed in this Christmas Season?


You might ask, what is new about the birth of the Son? It is a kindergarten story. Whatever possible reasons you have, allow me to simply elaborate on three important things about the Father's love through the birth of His Son. It is a fact that Christmas history began with the story of the Son 2,000 years ago when Rome was still in power. Some might deny this fact, but history tells us that there was a baby wrapped and placed in a manger. 

The Father demonstrated His first act of love in the Gospel stories by allowing His Son to be delivered in a stable - a place where animals are kept. It was unusual. However, The Father would not allow it without a purpose. The Son of the Almighty was placed and found by the shepherds in a manger - a wooden box that keeps grass for animals' food. Animals can come and eat in a manger whenever they feel hungry. Read more here...

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