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July 08, 2018

Thai-English As New Type Of English In Asia

By Ianpassion

There is no doubt that English nowadays gains an international status and has become a lingua franca for cross border communication. It is also the most preferred language used in research, education, business, government, tourism, and foreign affairs. 

Even in Thailand, a country which no history of colonization by any English speaking country, English is still widely used in certain range and depth. Although foreign subjects such as German, French, Japanese, Malay, and Chinese are taught optional in some schools, English is still the most important language and compulsory subject for Thai students to learn and master. 

May 31, 2018

Parenting: I Am Afraid Of Going To School

By Ianpassion

Nowadays our eldest child is acting indifferently towards her schooling. She behaves somehow opposite from last year that seems she enjoyed learning.

During school days (Monday to Friday), just this past few days every morning, after taking her meal, while wearing her uniform, and when she knows she is heading to school,  then she starts crying heavily. She does not want to go.

October 17, 2017

3 Important Tips on How To Live in Community

By Ianpassion 

I have stayed in Thailand for some years. The period of my stay marks a significant milestone journey of my life. Living away from my home country, I have experienced ups and downs as part of the adjustment process.

Staying abroad can be an experience of both fun and daunting. I have immersed in the community for some years, and  I have found three fundamental principles that are important to aware of yourself as you decided to come. 

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