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November 07, 2016

Very Beautiful Place in the North of Thailand, Chiangmai

By Ianpassion
This picture was taken at the strawberry farm, the peak of Doi Mon Jam,
Chiang Mai, North of Thailand

Chiang Mai is approximately 1,600 kilometers from Satun and takes more than two hours by plane from Hatyai International Airport. It is situated in northern Thailand. When we arrived at the airport, Ajarn Nuch's family greeted us. They took us out to dinner and then back to our room.

On this trip, I was hoping to meet my friends from Davao City. Good that brother Roger was available on Saturday, so together with him and Ajarn Nuch’s family we went to the hill called Doi Mon Jam. It was 40 minutes drive away from the main town. The road going up had many sharp turns and steep curves.

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