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Nov 7, 2016

Very Beautiful Place in the North of Thailand, Chiangmai

By Ianpassion
This picture was taken at the strawberry farm, peak of Doi Mon Jam,
Chiang Mai, North of Thailand

Chiang Mai is around 1,600 Km from Satun and more than 2 hours by plane from Hatyai International Airport.  It is located in the North of Thailand. When we arrived at the airport,  we were welcomed by Ajarn Nuch's family. They took us out for dinner then after to our room. 

On this trip, I was hoping to meet my friends from Davao City. Good that brother Roger was available on Saturday, so together with him and Ajarn Nuch’s family we went to the hill called Doi Mon Jam. It was 40 minutes drive away from the main town. The road going up had lots of sharp turns and steep curves. 

Arriving at the peak was indeed an invigorating moment. It was cold, foggy and drizzling. This hill is known for its beautiful strawberry farms, natural farming, fresh vegetables, and mint herbs.  Beautiful smiles of the hill tribes wearing their beautiful traditional dresses and accessories made us feel even more welcomed. 

After Mon Jam Hill,  Saturday evening we went to the old city’ gate called in Thai "Pato Thapae". This gate was constructed in the year 1296 by the initiative of King Mengrai. It took 90,000 men for 4 months to finish the structure of the gate. We walked along through the side of this gate, exploring and searching at the same for local meals. 

Because of the event to honor the king of Thailand, we could have food, drinks, and desserts for free. 

Part of the event was to ignite candles which were arranged in lines on the side of the wall. We were given candles to light first, and then we passed the flame to other candles which were already lining on the pavement. It was an impressive ceremony. In the spirit, I uttered prayers of blessings for the Thai nation.

On the following day, Sunday morning we went to a pioneering Methodist fellowship pastored by Ajarn Nuch and Ajarn Jang. The wife is a friend of my wife when two of them used to work in CCC Thailand. In this fellowship, I was given the privilege to share the Father's love and Nittie helped me with the translation.  At lunch, we were served with delicious Northern Thai meals. 

While having our meal, I had a conversation with Mr. Lek. He is the pianist in the fellowship. I asked him in Thai, “Baan yu ti Nai Krap.” Where is your house? He replied to me “Baan Phom ti doi krap.” My house is on the mountain. I asked him again, “Jak ti ni pai baan khun, chai kilomit tao rai krap.” How many km from here to your house? He replied, “Roi jit sip krap.” It is 170 km. 

With family and friends in Chiangmai 

Every Sunday Mr. Lek comes to this fellowship with his motorbike,  which made me think of his great love with the Father and the fellowship.

While figuring out our schedule in the evening, my phone rang "Bro Ian, how is your schedule tonight?” Bro Roger was on the line. So, I replied, “We have the plan to go the walking street and find something to eat there. Do you think it is possible to meet your family and brother Jerry’s family?” 
“Call brother Jerry to confirm our meeting this evening,” Roger’s suggestion. So I called brother Jerry and confirmed our meeting time and place at the walking street. 

We finally met. We search for a place to sit and ordered our meal. We shared our updates. I met Roger’s wife and his kids, as well as brother Jerry’s son for the first time. After taking some pictures, they did not stay long. They had to leave for tomorrow's schedule. 

With my family, we continued walking until the edge of the street for about 1 km.  A lot of foreign people in the street that we could even hardly walk. We chatted some from different cultures, concluded that Thailand is a beautiful country. Interesting.  

Local handmade products displayed on the sidewalks were so many that we could not explore. Two of our kids already slept on our shoulders so after buying some souvenirs we headed back to our room to rest. 

Monday morning, it was our last day in Chiangmai. The sun was not that scorching hot. Perfect weather. As we started leaving our room, this Word came to my mind: 

"Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Father rises upon you.” (Isaiah 60:1) 

The Father said that His glory will continue to shine through me. He said that He is not finished with my life. He loves me, and He still wants to use me for His glory. He is going to pour out His favor in my life. I will continue to rise. 

“Ajarn Chang,” a sharp voice from a distance. Ajarn Nuch arrived together with her husband. We were already in the lobby. They took us out for lunch at the native northern Thai food restaurant, then after to the Royal Garden and central plaza before driving us back to the airport for our departure back home. 

Our trip to Chiangmai was not possible without the help of the Almighty Father. We were thankful for Ajarn Nuch's family. They were such a good host.  For the family of brother Roger and brother  Jerry, our heartfelt appreciation for spending time with us night before our departure. 


Lighting of candles at the Thapae Gate, taken 7:20 p.m. Chiang Mai.

Arrival at the parking area, Nana and John, Peak Doi Mon Jam

Nana and Nemi with their loving Mother. Taken at Raming Hotel Chiang Mai.

At the Peak of Doi Mon Jam, Strawberry farm.

Brod Roger and I declared our prayers and support for better Philippines under the new administration, taken at the peak of Doi  Mon Jam, Chiangmai, Thailand 

With my family Chiangmai 2016

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