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Aug 3, 2022

Don't Downplay The Risk of Everything

By Ianpassion
Picture was taken at Wangtainan Waterfall, Satun, Thailand

The plant that i carried is called "Tau Rang" in Thai.

This plant belongs to a palm family and is very attractive to look at. It also has a number of health benefits. But, along with its beauty and contribution to human health, it is thought to be the itchiest plant in Thailand once its juice touches our skin.

I found this plant at  Wangthainan waterfall in Satun while we were collecting rubbish and hiking with my friends. It was leaning against a large rock at the waterfall summit. A friend signaled for me not to touch this plant, but it was too late already before I noticed.  

Again I was reminded that our hiking guiding principle is: 

Take nothing but pictures,
leave nothing but footprints,
and kill nothing but time. 

As a reflection on this experience, I have learned how critical it is to weigh your options rationally before committing yourself or giving up yourself to someone. You have to consider carefully if this is going to benefit or detriment you. Don't downplay the risk aspect of everything, because, even if you manage to fix a shattered mirror, the crack will still be visible in the reflection.

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