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October 04, 2018

Thai Chicken-Oil Rice (Khao Mun Gai) in Hatyai

By Ianpassion 

Go local today. 

Whenever I search for food to relieve my hunger, I always preferred to go to sidewalk food stalls, called "Ran Khao" in Thai, "Rice Shop" in English,
 or known as "Carenderia" in the Philippines. 

March 23, 2018

Eating Yummy Exotic Food, Satun Night Market, Thailand

By Ianpassion 

One of the things that will amaze you when you are in Thailand is their delicious exotic foods. It was a lively night in the main town of Satun when I went there with my family. As usual, we preferred to explore the rugged street for our food. 

We did not realize there were two events in the city - the Satun Kite International Festival and the OTOP festival. There were many people. The Night Market was the main attraction in the evening providing 500 meters walking-street, amusement facilities, and various choices of food, drinks, dessert, and more. 

March 03, 2018

Night Market Manang, Satun, Thailand

By Ianpassion

Manang is one of the most beautiful districts in Satun Province. It is known for its towering mountains, dazzling rivers, turquoise waterfalls, virgin forest, indigenous tribe, and the largest cave in Asia. 

I have stayed in Manang district for 5 years now and have seen its fast development. It used to be a town that if you want to go shopping and pay your bills you need to travel to the city.

January 16, 2018

New Year 2018, Last Day in Langkawi, Malaysia, Cenang Beach, Fireworks Display, and Street food

By Ianpassion 

New Year 2018 in Langkawi, Malaysia, we were in Cenang Beach to see the countdown and fireworks display. Many travelers were there. Almost the 3 km shoreline of Cenang Beach was covered with tents, benches, mats, and people standing. 

Most of the crowd rounded the huge bonfire which was the main area of the beach. Everyone looks so excited. Minutes later the countdown began, followed by a fireworks display. It was beautiful to see the dark sky lightened as fireworks pierced up and popped like iron dome rockets. 

October 23, 2017

Delicious Street Food in Hatyai, South of Thailand

By Ianpassion

Thailand will always amaze you with its lots of choices of food especially those are on the walking streets. If you are already in the deep South of Thailand, Hatyai is the best choice for this.

Hatyai is the main city in the South, a gateway to the southern bordering countries - Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. It is known as a little California in the South.

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