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Nov 26, 2020

This Christmas | Trust His Heart When You Don't See His Hands

By Ianpassion
@Sea of Clouds Manang, Satun, Thailand

I do not know what you are going through nowadays. You might be reading this post at the time that you are down and discouraged, struggling with your health, finances, relationship, or maybe you have a patient to care for. Thus, Christmas for you at this time of the year might not be a wonderful season. 

However, others may be the opposite. They can shop, buy new things,  eat nice food, and can spend their holiday abroad. They are healthy and wealthy. It looks like they do not have anything to worry about, no problems to ponder, no debts to take care of, and no relationship issues to settle. They have all the reasons to rejoice in this season of Christmas. However, the truth is, everybody has always something to face and overcome. Read more here...

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