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Oct 4, 2018

Thai Chicken-Oil Rice (Khao Mun Gai) in Hatyai

By Ianpassion 

Go local today. 

Whenever I search for food to relieve my hunger, I always preferred to go to sidewalk food stalls, called "Ran Khao" in Thai, "Rice Shop" in English,
 or known as "Carenderia" in the Philippines. 

Jul 17, 2018

Photos: Thai Letchon Or Mo Yang, Roasted Piglets

By Ianpassion

If Americans have a roasted turkey to party every Thanksgiving day, Filipinos have a roasted pig or called letchon for their barrios fiestas and celebrations. 

I used to think that this style of pig roasting originally came from the central Philippines, but at the time I arrived in the South of Thailand, I found that Thais also have a letchon or known as Mo Yang in the Thai language.

Jan 19, 2018

Thai Children Day and My Reflection- Nurturing our Children's Spirituality

By Ianpassion

Every January 13 is a Children day in Thailand. Kids wait for this day every year. Those who are near the Prime Minister Building in Bangkok can have a chance to sit the chair of the Prime Minister. Those who are in the provinces can enjoy amusements and gifts-giving organized by each local government.

As it was our schedule to be in Hatyai (the main city in the South of Thailand), we decided to go to the airfield of the Royal Thai Air Force. There were many people. Everyone cheered when a fighter plane got wild in the sky. It sounded very loud, like rumbling and echoing the entire atmosphere. Nana and Nemi pointed up - airplane, airplane, airplane...they were so happy. 

Oct 23, 2017

Delicious Street Food in Hatyai, South of Thailand

By Ianpassion

Thailand will always amaze you with its lots of choices of food especially those are on the walking streets. If you are already in the deep South of Thailand, Hatyai is the best choice for this.

Hatyai is the main city in the South, a gateway to the southern bordering countries - Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. It is known as a little California in the South.

Aug 16, 2017

Reflective: Hatyai- Satun Road Trip, South of Thailand

By Ianpassion 

Most of the time I travel alone Satun to Hatyai ( or vice versa). On the road may take one and half an hour but if you are commuting, it takes more than two hours considering several stops for refreshment.  

One day the weather was cold with a little rain shower. I was speeding from Hatyai back to Satun. I did several stops to see what Hatyai –Satun highway could offer to waken me from my heavy-eyed due to lack of sleep the night before.

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