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May 27, 2023

Life's Journey to Finding Balance and Joy

By Ianpassion
Picture taken at Mae Klang Luang, Chiangmai, Thailand 

The choices we make shape where we are now. Every decision, big or small, influences the path we are on today. It is important to accept this reality and not dwell on regrets, because the challenges we face help us grow and become stronger. Remembering our past experiences can give us inspiration and wisdom to navigate our current lives.

Life is a special gift from God. However, we often get caught up in our daily routines and responsibilities, forgetting that life is meant to be enjoyed, not just an endless cycle of work. We should always remember to appreciate the beauty and wonder that surrounds us, even in the midst of our busy lives.


January 11, 2023

Do Not Dwell In The Past

By Ianpassion 
Photo was taken at the farm in Manang, Thailand, 2022

I was thinking about Isaiah 43:18-19 as the year 2022 came to an end. In this verse, Isaiah tells the people of the heavenly Father who have been captive in Babylon for many years to forget the former things and not to dwell on the past, because He is about to do something new. He is going to build a new road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.

We can imagine that captives are not well treated. They do not have the same rights as the citizens of the country that holds them captive. They are destitute. They do not have their own homes and are most likely incarcerated in labor camps. I'm sure they were thinking, "We can no longer be free and have a chance to live an abundant life. We are stuck here with no way out."

December 05, 2022

Pinoy Father Celebrating Father's Day In Thailand 2022

By Ianpassion
Photo was taken hiking at Dao Kra Jai Waterfall, Satun, Thailand 2019

Every December 5 is Father's Day in Thailand, as well as the birthday of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej. It is a national holiday. Thais celebrate Father's Day by spending time with their fathers, such as by having a meal or going on a picnic. 

Fathers are extremely important in a family. When there is strife in our family and broken relationships, our role as fathers is vital. Our presence and protection are important; our children need our strength and love as the source of their value and inspiration. 

October 03, 2022

Praise May Appear Small But Powerful

By Ianpassion
Sunset at Langu Beach, Satun, Thailand, 2020

The young David had shown us that sometimes all we need to defeat the enemy (problems and fears) is a small stone.

The same is true of praise; sometimes all we need is praise. Praise is a weapon. Throughout the Scripture, we see how praise breaks chains, confuses the foes, and strengthens the weak people.

We are unstoppable when we are speaking and declaring praise. 

The enemy cannot keep a praiser or a worshipper down. Remember Paul and Silas in jail? At midnight, the prison doors were opened, and the shackles were removed. Our praise may appear small or insignificant, but when we praise our Eternal Father, MOVES.

The majority of the battles we face are spiritual in nature. Praise is a very effective weapon and It is even more effective to praise when we are in trouble because the enemy expects us to be discouraged and complaining.

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August 03, 2022

Don't Downplay The Risk of Everything

By Ianpassion
Picture was taken at Wangtainan Waterfall, Satun, Thailand

The plant that i carried is called "Tau Rang" in Thai.

This plant belongs to a palm family and is very attractive to look at. It also has a number of health benefits. But, along with its beauty and contribution to human health, it is thought to be the itchiest plant in Thailand once its juice touches our skin.

I found this plant at  Wangthainan waterfall in Satun while we were collecting rubbish and hiking with my friends. It was leaning against a large rock at the waterfall summit. A friend signaled for me not to touch this plant, but it was too late already before I noticed.  

June 20, 2022

Focusing On The Limitless Almighty Father

By Ianpassion
Picture was taken at Paknam Camping Day, Satun, Thailand

Sometimes we feel stuck as if we are facing a thick and very high wall. This is the end of the road. Our difficult situation attempts to condition us that there is no way out. It frames us to limit our focus and shrink our faith.

Finally, we are trapped in the routine of constant fear and worry. Did God tell us to trust Him with all our hearts? We become limited in our thinking because we fail to see our limitless Almighty Father.

March 10, 2022

We Don't Need To Be The Best To Be Accepted; Jeremiah

By Ianpassion

Jeremiah had been chosen and consecrated since he was in his mother's womb. This is amazing! Regardless of his status or the transgressions inherited from his family and background, the Father accepted him.

However, this is not how the world today bases its approval. What is common is that you must be good, intelligent, or wealthy in order to be treated special. If at all possible, you must be perfect or conceal your flaws. This, however, is not the case with Jeremiah. The Father accepted him unconditionally.

February 03, 2022

We Attended The Funeral Of My Wife's Grandma

By ianpassion
By Ianpassion

We were at the internment, totally different from what we usually do. But, there is one thing that made us reflect together. Life in this world will always have an ending. This is a hard reality. Sometimes we feel so comfortable here and as a result, we don't want to leave. We live here as if we are permanent residents. Life here on earth is a temporary assignment and we should not forget that heaven is eternal. Whether we like it or not one day our stay here is over. It is our time to go home.

January 13, 2022

Christmas 2021 Thanksgiving: Nana Says Thanks For Healing My Arm

By Ianpassion
Nana and Nemi were wrapping their Christmas gifts in 2021

I asked my daughter what she is thankful for this Christmas. She replied, "Papa I am thankful to our Father for healing my arm. Now the cast is off. This is my Christmas gift from Him." "Yes," I responded.

Happy New Year 2022: As The Dear Pants For Water So I Pant For You

By Ianpassion
Picture was taken at deer Farm, Pathalung Province, Thailand 2022
Happy New Year 2022

May we will overflow the blessings of our Father Almighty this year 2022. May He fills our hearts with His love and joy, give us good health, and continue to be gracious to us as we carry out His love to people.

New Year Reflection 2022: The Valley of Dry Bones

By Ianpassion
Picture was taken  at Phathalung Province, Thailand 2022

In a vision, Ezekiel saw a valley filled with dry bones.lt looks like a vast graveyard of bones of dead people.

What makes this story amazing was when Abba asked Ezekiel to prophesy to these bones, to speak life on them to come alive again. As Ezekiel was speaking, the bones started morphing, breath and life came into them, and became a massive army.

October 08, 2021

Reflections on Gratitude and Abba's Guidance


By Ianpassion
Picture was taken early morning at Bulon island, Satun, Thailand 

I'm grateful and humbled to be living in this country surrounded by wonderful people. I often reflect on how far I've come and acknowledge that it's through divine grace that I've overcome previous challenges. As I strive to progress in life, I know there will be more hurdles to overcome.


In the words of one of the Apostles, "Not that I have already obtained this or have already reached the goal; but I press on to make it my own... forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead. I press on towards the goal of the Heavenly call..." (Philippians 4:12-14).


August 20, 2021

What The Father Almighty Wants Is Intimacy

By Ianpassion
The picture was taken at the viewpoint in Manang, Satun Thailand

"We cannot shut off, stop, or in any way diminish the Almighty Father's flow of love towards us. No matter what we do, we cannot cause the Almighty Father to stop loving us. Nothing can change the way He feels us." - T.D. Jakes

Our Almighty Father shows us His love in a very different way than other people or our leaders do. Man's love is subject to many restrictions, especially if we are part of an organization or an institution rather than a family.

July 29, 2021

Say What You Heard To Keep The Right Attitude

By Ianpassion
Nemi feeding our chickens and ducks

It hadn't rained in the Promised Land in more than three years when the prophet Elijah heard The Father Almighty say to his spirit, "rain." But, no matter where he looked, there was not a cloud in the sky. It is impossible for it to rain.


Elijah could have reasoned, "I'm not going to tell anyone what I heard." They'll think I'm insane." But he was well aware of who Abba is. His ways are familiar to him. In a drought, Abba will talk to us about rain. In times of adversity, He will speak to us about provision. When we are weak, He will speak to us about strength. It is most of the time opposite of what we feel or think.


June 17, 2021

Embracing Mortality: A Journey from Fear to Freedom

By Ianpassion

I went to a funeral recently, and it was different from the funerals I'm used to. The way they did things was unique and showed the beliefs and culture of the person who passed away and their family. But even though there were differences, there was one thing we all had in common - we all realized that we won't live forever.

No matter who we are or where we come from, we all have to face the fact that one day we will have to say goodbye to the people we love or they will say goodbye to us. It's scary to think that we won't be able to be with our loved ones anymore or see our dreams come true. But sometimes, we have a moment when we start to see things differently. We begin to believe that death is not the end, but a journey to something greater, something that goes beyond this life. When we embrace this belief, we find the courage to face our fears and overcome them. Throughout history, many religions and philosophies have talked about an afterlife, a place where we go after we die. But even though we talk about it, many of us aren't really ready to go on that journey. Why? It's because we are attached to the beauty and wonders of this world. We have strong connections to the people we love and the experiences we cherish, and that keeps us tied to this earthly life. So we try to find ways to delay our departure or avoid the reality of death. We focus on temporary pleasures, spend our time on worldly things, and create distractions to keep us from thinking about death. But deep down, we know that these things can only delay the inevitable. I have to admit that I'm not ready for that final journey either, and it's not because I'm scared. It's because I love my wife and children so much. The thought of leaving them behind and not being able to be with them is really hard to accept. What about you? Have you ever thought about these big questions? Have you struggled with the idea of death and how it affects our lives? It's a personal journey that each of us has to go through, and everyone's response is different. But when we let go of our fear of death, we find true freedom. We can live without being held back by fear. In the teachings of the Son, He said, "I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die" (John 11:25). These words give us comfort and hope. They remind us that having faith and trust in Him can change how we see death. By accepting this profound truth, we can start living a life that goes beyond fear.

By embracing the teachings and promises of the Son, we find freedom from the fear and anxiety that death often brings. We realize that death is not the end, but a doorway to a new and eternal existence. This understanding gives us a renewed sense of purpose, seeing each day as an opportunity for growth, love, and making a meaningful impact.

We discover a deep sense of purpose and meaning. Death is no longer something to dread, but a pathway to a profound and everlasting existence. This empowers us to live fully in the present, cherishing every moment, embracing growth, and positively influencing the world around us.

Thus, the Son's teachings reshape our perception of death. By accepting this truth, we transcend fear and embrace the eternal promise of love, growth, and everlasting life. May we find solace, hope, and courage in His teachings as we strive to live a life that shines brightly, even in the face of mortality.

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March 04, 2021

Chose Faith Over Fear

By Ianpassion

The book of Hebrews 12: 1 says: Seeing that we are surrounded by such a large cloud of witnesses, let us run the race ahead. 

Can I say that all who are already in heaven are cheering us? We are not alone in the race of life. Heaven is full of people who believe in us. When we are disheartened and induced to quit, let us head up to the heavens and by faith, we listen to the voices who are cheering us. 

February 10, 2021

Go Through Trials And Grow Through It

By Ianpassion
Photo Taken early morning at Manang Hill, Satun, Thailand

Many times in our lives, we focus on the painful times when we are hurting, lonely, or undergoing medical treatment, and we believe they cannot be a part of the Father's plan.

We must trust that Abba will not make any mistakes even then. He planned every detail of our lives. He made no promises about there being no pain, suffering, or disappointment. But He did promise that everything would work out in the end for our good (see Romans 8:28).

November 17, 2020

How to Enjoy Our Stay in a Thai Village?

By Ianpassion
@Early morning cleaning at the farm..

I have been in Thailand for some years now. A milestone on the journey of my life to feel at home in a new home which is a thousand miles away from my home country. 

I had gone through the ups and downs of life as part of the process to adjust to a new place. Thai culture and language are fascinating. I have learned humility, teachability, and flexibility in order to be connected. Continue reading here...


November 05, 2020

Hiking 2020 Reflection | What Does the Old Wineskin Mean?

By Ianpassion

I went back hiking to celebrate my birthday. Decided to save, I still wore maybe my 7 years old trekking pants, a gift from a friend.

It was funny, while fully concentrated grinding our coffee beans, my pants ripped somewhere. That made me think what the Scripture says about the old wineskin.

July 24, 2020

He Gives Us Rest

By Ianpassion
Light bulb, photo was taken at NaMi Farm
"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls" (The Son).

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