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Oct 8, 2021

Reflection: It Is My Birthday 2021

By Ianpassion
Picture was taken when I was working at the farm


I'm thinking about how fortunate and blessed I am to be able to live in this country surrounded by good people. I'm always looking up to see how far He's brought me to where I am now. It is only through His grace that I have been able to overcome all of my previous challenges. As I continue to work my way up the ladder, I know there will be more challenges ahead of me.

This is what one of the Apostles says, "Not that I have already obtained this or have already reached the goal; but I press on to make it my own....forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead. I press on towards the goal of the Heavenly call....," (Philippians 4:12-14). 

Nov 1, 2020

I am Grateful | Birthday 2020

By Ianpassion

One of my friends told me that they don't celebrate birthdays in their culture. So I asked the reason, he said it is not important. What is important is life after death.


It is amazing that in some culture birthday is not special at all. This practice was developed perhaps from their belief system. But whatever it is, I appreciate their strong strand about eternity, which each one of us should reflect on.

Oct 8, 2018

Birthday Reflection: I am Alive and Confident

By Ianpassion

It is my birthday again.

I actually was reflecting on what should be I am thankful on my birthday.  Because this year 2018, I received updates about the deaths of our loved ones.

Oct 10, 2017

5 Things I am Thankful On My Birthday 2017

By Ianpassion

Our existence in this world is analogous to farming. We must wait patiently for the harvest season. In this photo, I'm holding a freshly picked fried vegetable from this uncovered greenhouse. It's harvest time.

Our birthday is a seasonal milestone that allows us to take a quick break to celebrate and reflect on our past experiences, as well as an excellent opportunity to correct what we have done incorrectly in preparation for the new beginning. On my birthday in 2017, there are five things for which I am grateful

Jul 14, 2017

Celebrating My Birthday 2016 | Hiking

By Ianpassion 

The most common way to celebrate our birthday is to have dinner with friends or with family.

I remembered those moments when I was still a child. My parents used to organize a special party for me. Native chickens around our house were always the victims, at least ten slaughtered every birthday event.

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