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January 23, 2023

Simple Nemi's 7th Birthday Celebration At The River Side 2023

By Ianpassion
Photo was taken at the river side of Wangsaithong River, Thailand, 2023

My son Nemi is now seven years old. Every time I remember how he survived a near-death experience, I thank our Almighty Father. His mother began bleeding when he was seven months old. So we went to our village's nearby hospital. It was around 4 a.m., and there was no doctor available. We hurriedly left and went to the main hospital in southern Thailand. It was a two-hour drive.

When we arrived, Nittie was rushed to the delivery room for emergency labor. A few minutes later, the doctor came out and informed me that they had already injected her to stop the bleeding. However, if the bleeding would not stop, then they would have to perform a cesarian to keep Nittie alive, but my son Nemi would be immature. 

After receiving the doctor's report, I was overcome with emotion. I walked out and took a seat in front of the delivery room. Quitely....."Father, please stop the bleeding!" I said, closing my hands and bowing my head. Then the bleeding stopped miraculously, allowing Nemi to be born mature. Now my son is healthy and strong. 

My son, Keep in mind that this life is a gift from Above. So don't take this life for granted. Remember that you would not be here if it weren't for Abba's blessing. He has given you the ability to live because He loves you and has a plan for your life.

Do not be so concerned about your worn-out swimsuit. Will find a way to replace this with better quality, so you won't be bothered anymore by a loose arm hanging that doesn't fit you, and will look for a scissor to cut it.

See, I think I have already cut it far enough that your armpit is visible now. hahah🤣

I wish you a very happy birthday. We love you! 💖

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