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August 20, 2021

What The Father Almighty Wants Is Intimacy

By Ianpassion
The picture was taken at the viewpoint in Manang, Satun Thailand

"We cannot shut off, stop, or in any way diminish the Almighty Father's flow of love towards us. No matter what we do, we cannot cause the Almighty Father to stop loving us. Nothing can change the way He feels us." - T.D. Jakes

Our Almighty Father shows us His love in a very different way than other people or our leaders do. Man's love is subject to many restrictions, especially if we are part of an organization or an institution rather than a family.

January 13, 2021

Not Lording, But Fathering Our Children

The youtube video above was my time with my children at the fishpond nearby.

I am always thinking of how can I give my very best time for my children now that they are still young. One day they will be on their own, running their own lives, pursuing their personal dreams, and making their own family.

August 04, 2017

What Is A Spiritual Family?

By Ianpassion

Our Heavenly Father did not create man because He is lonely. He is already completely satisfied with Himself because He is Love (1 John 4:8). He created you and me to share the beauty of His family with us.

His nature is relational, as He has revealed in family terms: the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. The Trinity exemplifies what a family should be like, with each member agreeing and supporting one another. Since then, the Father, Son, and Spirit have shared the most important value: Love. 

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