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March 18, 2019

Retreat At Muko Petra Langu Satun | Reflecting The Father's Love

By Ianpassion

Whenever we are free we like to come at Muko Petra, Beach Satun, Thailand to refresh. This beach is not far from our home. 


My kids always find the sandy beach of Muko Petra enjoyable. While I was playing with them, I was also pondering about good analogies that I could use to illustrate the love of the Father. 

January 07, 2019

Living By The Word in 2019

By Ianpassion
Sunset view at Pakbara Beach, Satun, Thailand, 2019

The first day of the year 2019 was welcomed with unforeseen unwinding time with my family. 

Actually, we did not feel like going out on that day due to a series of events and friends we hosted. My wife told me, "For New year, why not just stay in the house, rest, and for our dinner let us grill?" 

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