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January 07, 2019

Living By The Word in 2019

By Ianpassion
Sunset view at Pakbara Beach, Satun, Thailand, 2019

The first day of the year 2019 was welcomed with unforeseen unwinding time with my family. 

Actually, we did not feel like going out on that day due to a series of events and friends we hosted. My wife told me, "For New year, why not just stay in the house, rest, and for our dinner let us grill?" 

But our plan changed in the middle of the day after our kids persistently kept asking us, "Papa, Mama, please take us to the beach...please...please..." 

How can we say no to their request? 

So we prepared our food, their toys, their swimming trunks; and our outdoor equipment then we left for the nearby beach at Pakbang, Langu, Satun province.

Upon arriving, looking for the best campground at the shore, under the three big trees, we laid our mat, unloaded our things, and settled.

What we always would like to expect when out at the beach was to experience the solitude and to inhale the freshness of nature. And by just staring at the waves crashing on the side of the sea and hearing their soothing sound we felt so relaxed already.

As our kids enjoyed with their mom playing the soft-waves, after shoveling and scratching the powdery sand, I was on the side overwrought grilling corn, fish, sausages, and meat. 

While looking at my family luxuriating in the beauty of nature, overhearing their laughter from the distance where I was grilling, I felt the Father's love piercing my heart. I felt His realm is invading my family, and as a result, we are experiencing His joy, peace, and healing. 

A few minutes later, I started contemplating how the year 2019 going to be. Full of uncertainties. But this is how our faith works, to always feel secure in Him believing that He satisfies the longing of our souls (Psalm 107:9), and His best plan prevails (Proverbs 19:21; Jeremiah 29:11). Therefore, I have nothing to worry about but only trust Him. 

I remembered a line of the song that I sang back in our choir group, the title was "Trust His Heart":

"When you don't see His hands, Trust His heart." 

I know that not all the time I will feel His presence, but for sure He is faithful to His promise that He is not going to leave His children (Hebrews 13:5). And everything that I am going through has a reason. I may not understand all, and His wisdom behind, but I simply trust His heart. 

Reflecting on the life of Joseph in the Scripture, amidst his troubles and unfairness of life, he could have concluded that he was abandoned or forsaken. Even his own blood brothers connived his downfall and he was jailed for a crime he did not commit. 

However, Joseph kept trusting, "the Father was with Joseph" (Genesis 39:3, 5, 21,23). He knew that the Father was faithful to His word. It was so clear to him. One day he will rise up and the prophecy fulfilled. He knows that when the Father makes a promise He is going to fulfill it. So during the deepest down moments of his life, he anchored firmly his hope and dreams to the Word until the promise was fulfilled. 

When the promise was fulfilled he said to his brothers, "Do not be distressed on yourself, it was not your fault....you intended to harm me, but the Father intended it for good," (Genesis 50:20). 

The story of Joseph tells us wonderful insights into how our Father sovereignly works to overcome evil to fulfill His purpose. 

Similar to what Simeon experienced, he got the Word that he would not pass before he had not seen the Son (Luke 2:26). I assumed that he had a few days left on earth. However, he had the Word. He had been promised. He is reminded. He told himself,  "I am going to see the Son. I will not pass until the promise is fulfilled."

When the time comes, in Luke 2:28-32, the promise was fulfilled. Simeon took the baby in his hands.  It was the greatest time. I imagined how happy he was when he cuddled the baby. In his mind, he kept saying His Word is true. He fulfills His promise.  

Friend, you and I will be facing all kinds of unexpected challenges or pressures this year 2019. To encourage you, let us go back to the Word, this is His promise. What did He say to you? If you have already heard and received His promise then you have nothing to worry about. Trust His heart in times you don't see His hands. 

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