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September 17, 2020

Visited "Ko Sarai", Amazing Shell Island in Satun Thailand

By Ianpassion 

Baan Ko Sarai is an island that is 30 minutes' travel by boat from Chebilang Pier, Satun. There is no need to book a boat ahead because there are always boats available all day long. 

Although we have been in Satun for quite a long time already, it was our first time to be on this island. Baan Ko Sarai is blessed with culture, community, and seafood. 

We were welcomed by our host family in their wooden house elevated from the seawaters. They are fishermen. Very simple lifestyle but very friendly and very caring.  We truly appreciate their hospitality. 

May 28, 2018

Very Scenic Paknam Beach, Langu, Satun, South of Thailand

By Ianpassion 
Photo Credit: Satun Travel 

It was the last day of the summer break of 2018, we were thinking to have our one-day family picnic before our kids would go back to school. 

So we were exploring the west coast of Satun, Paknam Village, Langu, Thailand, searching a quiet place where we could reach our souls. 

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