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May 14, 2018

Fulfilling Your Destiny Matters Who Are With You

By Ianpassion
Photo was taken at the mangroves plantation, Tamalang, Satun, 2017 

King Solomon said that one who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. 

Let us remember that we have a destiny. Often it is hard to fulfill this only by ourselves. However, the Father has already arranged for certain people to come along with us.  They believe and speak faith in us. 

People never reach their highest destiny in life because they are with the wrong people. 

So it is important to know who we are hanging always. Know if we are in the right crowd. The Scripture says "Do not be misled: "Bad company corrupts good character,"  ( I Corinthians 15:33). 

I remember this short story: 

There was a baby eagle who fell from the safety of his nest. A farmer found and raised him in his chicken coop. This little eagle grew up like a chicken in months. He hung out always with chickens, scratched his feet like a chicken,  and behaved totally like one of them. Eventually, this baby eagle grew up believing that he is a chicken.

One day a strong eagle was flying over their farmland. The eagle who was with the chickens asked one of her chicken friends, “What animal is that? How strong, fast, free it is?” 

The chicken friends replied, ”That is an eagle, but don’t worry yourself, you will not be able to fly like that because you are not an eagle.” 

This clipart captured from the online dailytenminutes.com

Out of dismay, the eagle returned to scratching. He believed all of his life that he is a chicken without discovering his true identity and his potential to fly like a mighty eagle. 

In some ways, some people are like this eagle in the story. They never reach their true destiny because they are in the wrong group. They listened to their group more than their conviction. 

The true us is that we are not ordinary and we have a destiny. 

People who are confined in the wrong group tried to stretch wider their wings and start aiming to fly high but they failed because of fear. They are afraid that they might not able to survive, and lost their significance, position or security. The culture of leadership-chain-servanthood is valuable that they are afraid to break or confront. 

So finally they live life following how their group defined them. Their true identity is buried behind their piousness. They don't care if they are suffering as long as they are with their called "We Are One". 

Friend, if we are in the wrong group, we will never be happy. The wrong group of people will do everything to make us think and act like them. They do not respect our uniqueness. They are not interested to help us discover our hidden potential. Instead, they frame or influence us to follow their ways, plans, and objectives.

Wrong people discourage us to fulfill our dreams, but the right people lift us up. 

If we would like to fly high and start fulfilling our dreams, it is essential not to nail ourselves with the wrong group. We should be with eagles - people who are supportive and who are helping us to fly like one of them. 

Eagle people inspire us when we are discouraged, believe in us when we are deserted, offer their hands when we fell, and rejoice with us when we are victorious. They are the people who are happy to see us succeed.

Remember this:  

Not everyone can go where the Father is taking us. So it is essential that we should be wise and selective about whom we should invest in our life.  Normally people who are not supportive are usually busy drilling a hole while we are busy paddling. 

Our time is limited. We do not have much time for people who keep pulling us down -  who judges us for not performing well. We are not owned by them.  We are children of the loving Father and we are only accountable to Him and not to anybody. 

Let us eject from the wrong crowd. From people who sound holy yet are not transparent. We have a future. We are not an orphan. We are children of the Highest Father who is committed to us. Don't be afraid, He is always for us and with us as He promised. 

"Cast all your cares on Him because He cares for you." 
( I Peter 5:7) 

As we moved in faith, stepping out.......... we are going to have a new true family who stands side by side with us. Be blessed. 

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