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March 08, 2018

Fears Took Over My Life

By Ianpassion

My life changed when I encountered the Father’s love. I was like the eldest son in a parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32). What I understood work is the benchmark for approval. 

I used to believe that if I work very hard and go to bed late then the Father would love me. I thought I would be accepted if I performed well and produced impressive results.

Fear drove my life. I feared if my work was not enough and I would be rejected. I feared if my performance was not likable. What if I dismayed people around because I could not reach the goals? What if I am not holy enough and be blamed for it?  What if I could not produce what was expected from me? 

However, when the Fathers delivered me from my fears, I realized that I have a Father who loves me unconditionally. I was born again. I did not need to earn His love because He already loved me. He opened my eyes that I could not do it by myself. I am not an afraid servant. I am a son of a loving Father. 

In the parable of the prodigal son, the eldest son spent most of his time with slaves than with his loving father. As a result, a slave mentality developed in him until he was confused and doubtful about his sonship and his relationship with his father. I could imagine that he wrestled with his mind many times if he is really a son, a slave, or a servant.

The devil likes you and me to believe that we are workers of our Father. Once we eventually agreed with him then our relationship with our Father starts deteriorating. As a result, fear comes in and we relate to our Father indifferently. He is at the distance and becomes our master or boss rather than our intimate Papa. As a consequence, we start being afraid of Him. Joy and comfort are gone,  and we start performing to be accepted endlessly and work not from love but from duty. 

Reflect this verse below:                                                          

The Spirit we received does not make us slaves so that we live in fear again; rather, the Spirit we received brought about our adoption to sonships. And by Him, we cry, “Abba, Father” 
(Romans 8:15).

In love, our Father chose us before the foundation of the world for adoption to sonship through His Son (Ephesians 1:4-6).  He proved this by sending His beloved Son to die on behalf of us (Romans 5:8) We are very precious to Him. Now that we believed and received His Son, we became the sons and daughters of our Father. We are His family. And this is His great pleasure that we live a life free from fears so we can fully enjoy His presence. 

The Father does not like to fill His house with afraid servants but with His children simply enjoying their time with Him.

Through His Spirit, He will continue to remind us that we are His children, and He is our loving Papa. If we agree with this, then this is our first step to true freedom. We start changing our attitude and how we relate to Him. Instead of being afraid, we are confident. 

No father would love to see his kids behaving like outsiders or working like an afraid slave in the family.  

Sons are joyful, slaves are stressed. 
Sons are peaceful; slaves are confused. 
Sons are free; slaves are manipulated.

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