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October 02, 2017

How to Experience the Real Freedom?

By Ianpassion
Photo taken at Songkhla, Thailand 

Our birth marked a watershed moment in our parents' lives. For the first time, they cuddled us with great love and commitment that they will protect and do everything for us.

We were born free. We treasured the times when our parents provided for us. We needed to live on our own as time passed. We made new friends and searched for a way forward. However, we fell into a trap while looking. We are exploited. As a result, the freedom we once had is now only a dream. 

July 31, 2017

He Wanted You To Be His Child

By Ianpassion

Many believers these days still do not understand their real identity, or maybe you are one of them. You have reached a crossroads of your spiritual confusion and began to ask yourself,  "Who Am I?. Am I a servant or a  child of Loving Father?”  

Like Moses, he was confused if he was a foreigner or a chosen. So when he saw a slave-master maltreating his fellow, he ended this by putting the law in his own hands. He was afraid so he hid. He asked himself, "What if the Emperor would know that he sided with the slaves?” 

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