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Jan 25, 2018

Know Your Passion And Live Your Best Life

By Ianpassion
Photo was taken at Mt. Apo, Philippines

What is our heart's desire? What makes us so excited? What makes us off and what makes us on? Someone said to me, "Being a businessman is my profession, but my passion is ministry." 

Our heart is the center of our vision, affection, desires, ambitions, and dreams. It represents the whole of our passion in life. What we love and what we care about most are from our hearts. 

It is interesting to know that as our unique fingerprint, no one has the same heartbeat exactly as ours. We are unique individuals. So we are excited about something but for others it's boring. 

Someone who does not respect our uniqueness will tend to disregard it. They demand higher obedience from us, yet they are not transparent. They do not care what is in our hearts. They only care about themselves and their hidden agenda. 

Always remember this:

"People don't care how much we know until they know
how much we care."
-John Maxwell

Another word for heart is passion. There are things that we are intensely interested in that nobody in our family or our friends cares about. It might be about doing community work, meeting people's needs, volunteering,  making music, drawing, teaching, counseling, leading and encouraging people, and more. 

Don't ignore our interests. They are naturally wired with us by our Father with a purpose. The Scripture mentioned many times to serve the Father with our whole hearts. Failing to do so makes our life empty, with no direction, and always wandering. 

But, how will we know that we are living our passion? 

The first sign is excitement. When we are doing things that we love to do, no one has to push us or follow up with us. We are naturally motivated. Even without payment or applause from people, we remain committed and fulfilling in what we should do. 

The opposite: when we don't have our hearts for whatever we do, we are easily discouraged and eventually we give up. 

The second factor is effectiveness. When we work according to what our Almighty Father wired us, we will be good at it in time. 

I believe that passion drives perfection. For example, one of my newly discovered passion is blogging. I did not know how to do it before, but I can say now that I have gotten better. 

Most of the achievers in any field of interest are those who work not because of duty or profit, but those who are passionate. 


Figure out what is in our hearts- things that we are passionate about and love to do. Do not just endure what makes us not satisfied. 

Let us find our true meaning of life and discover our innermost prompting. Once we found it, we use it to glorify our Almighty Father. 

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