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January 25, 2018

Unveiling Passion: Discovering Heartfelt Desires and Fulfillment

By Ianpassion
Photo was taken at Mt. Apo, Philippines

What do our hearts truly desire? What brings us excitement and makes us come alive? What turns us off and what ignites our enthusiasm? Someone once told me, "Being a businessman is my profession, but my passion is ministry."


Our heart serves as the epicenter of our vision, affections, desires, ambitions, and dreams. It encompasses the entirety of our life's passions. What we deeply love and genuinely care about originates from our hearts.


It's fascinating to realize that, much like our unique fingerprints, our heartbeats are distinct to each of us. We are individuals with our own unique passions. What excites us might be seen as mundane by others.


People who fail to respect our uniqueness might overlook it. They might demand obedience without transparency, neglecting to care about what truly matters to us. Their focus remains centered on themselves and their hidden motives.


Always remember:


"People don't care how much we know
until they know how much we care."

-John Maxwell


Another term for heart is passion. There are things that captivate our intense interest, things that our family or friends might not share the same enthusiasm for. It could be community work, addressing people's needs, volunteering, creating music, artistry, teaching, guiding, counseling, leading, uplifting others, and more.


Our interests are intricately woven into our nature by our Divine Creator. The Holy Scripture repeatedly calls us to serve him with our entire hearts and to love with all our life. Failing to do so can lead to a hollow life, devoid of direction, and perpetually adrift.


But how do we ascertain that we're truly living our passion?


The first sign is excitement. When engaged in activities that resonate with our hearts, no external force is needed to push or motivate us. We are intrinsically driven. Even without external rewards or recognition, we remain devoted and fulfilled in our pursuits.


Conversely, when we lack passion for what we do, discouragement creeps in easily, eventually leading to abandonment.


The second indicator is effectiveness. Operating in harmony with our divine design, bestowed by our Creator, enables us to excel over time.


I hold the belief that passion is the fuel for achieving perfection. Consider my own recent discovery: blogging. Initially unfamiliar, I can confidently say I've improved significantly over time.


Most achievers in various fields are driven not by duty or financial gain, but by genuine passion.


Dear friend,


Let's uncover the desires of our hearts—those things we're passionate about and love to do. Let's not merely endure what fails to satisfy us.


May we uncover the true purpose of our lives and embrace our inner calling. Once discovered, let's use it to honor our Divine Creator and bring glory to Him.

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