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Oct 25, 2019

Outdoor Adventure of A Busy Father

By Ianpassion

The true story of each person on this planet is not the one you see. However, it is the story of each person's heart journey. - Eldredge, John

As the father of two children (Nana and Nemi), I have always felt a calling to instill the value of family; to model Abba Allmighty's love and His overflowing joy at being with Him.

It was great that we could take a day off from our hectic schedules to go on a one-day adventure trip to the Tam Jet Chut River (seven curves cave) in Manang, Satun Province.

My kids had a great time swimming, splashing water, collecting stones, and building a small bonfire to keep mosquitos away and boil water for hot drinks.

I understand how difficult it is to teach our children that Abba is our Good Father and that He is Love. We must put our words into action. In this regard, I must be deliberate. It starts with how I relate to them and how I express my heart to them. They may not see or experience the invisible Father Almighty, but they do see me. So, if I fail in this modeling endeavor, I will have a distorted image of the Father.

Our children will know the Abba Almighty and long for Him through me... through us fathers...yes us sharing His communicable attributes! 

If you are like me, a young father seeking guidance on how to be a good parent and a good papa to our children, I wrote a reflection of myself that you might like to read.  Click here

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