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Feb 3, 2022

Edward the Emu, A Dream To See By Our Boy Nemi on His 6th Birthday 2022

By Ianpassion

One of the books that my son Nemi likes me to read for him is Edward the Emu. A wonderful book with a wonderful moral lesson: be yourself. Edward the Emu was moved by what people said and eventually tried to be someone else. But, he soon discovered that being himself is the best of all.

Now the dream of our son comes true. Here the Emu is saying happy 6th birthday to him.

As parents, we are very much blessed to have Nemi as our only son. He is heaven's gift for us. I remember that he was about to be miscarriage when he was 7 months, but our Almighty Father had favored him. He let him live. We praise the Father Almighty every time we see him. He is a heavenly miracle to us. On your birthday son, we bless you. We pray and declare that you will grow with wisdom, and be favored with man and our Father Almighty. Happiest birthday to you. We love you. We promise that we will do our best to give you the best life and fulfill your heavenly-given destiny.

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We Attended The Funeral Of My Wife's Grandma

By ianpassion
By Ianpassion

We were at the internment, totally different from what we usually do. But, there is one thing that made us reflect together. Life in this world will always have an ending. This is a hard reality. Sometimes we feel so comfortable here and as a result, we don't want to leave. We live here as if we are permanent residents. Life here on earth is a temporary assignment and we should not forget that heaven is eternal. Whether we like it or not one day our stay here is over. It is our time to go home.

Jan 13, 2022

Christmas 2021 Thanksgiving: Nana Says Thanks For Healing My Arm

By Ianpassion
Nana and Nemi were wrapping their Christmas gifts in 2021

I asked my daughter what she is thankful for this Christmas. She replied, "Papa I am thankful to our Father for healing my arm. Now the cast is off. This is my Christmas gift from Him." "Yes," I responded.

Happy New Year 2022: As The Dear Pants For Water So I Pant For You

By Ianpassion
Picture was taken at deer Farm, Pathalung Province, Thailand 2022
Happy New Year 2022

May we will overflow the blessings of our Father Almighty this year 2022. May He fills our hearts with His love and joy, give us good health, and continue to be gracious to us as we carry out His love to people.

New Year Reflection 2022: The Valley of Dry Bones

By Ianpassion
Picture was taken  at Phathalung Province, Thailand 2022

In a vision, Ezekiel saw a valley filled with dry looks like a vast graveyard of bones of dead people.

What makes this story amazing was when Abba asked Ezekiel to prophesy to these bones, to speak life on them to come alive again. As Ezekiel was speaking, the bones started morphing, breath and life came into them, and became a massive army.

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