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One of the most beautiful provinces in the deepest South of Thailand is Satun. It is known for its beautiful islands, white sand beaches, crystal clear ocean waters, fresh rivers, sparkling waterfalls, large caves, underground rivers, green forest, and rocky mountains. The people are amiable, hospitable, and generous. Culture is diversified yet united.

All of these unique and magnificent wonders are found in Satun reflecting the creativity of the Father and His love for mankind. Below are the following things you can do while visiting the province. 

Kayaking Underground River

The name of this underground river is Tam Jet Cut or the Seven Curves Cave. My first visit in this cave was remarkable. Here you will experience the heavenly nature where a blended cavern is spotted through the huge mountains. There are streams inside and seven curves as inferred. You can push a kayak inside the cave and watch the stalagmites and stalactites stowed away in the dim by utilizing a spotlight or spotlight to lead the way. It is actually quiet inside, a perfect place to spend for relaxation. By some monks, this place is really ideal for meditations. Read more here

GPS: 7.1075243, 99.9402927

Breathtaking at Pakbara  

Pakbara Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Satun, South of Thailand. You should not miss this place if you are already in the province. I had a meaningful time with my family here. My kids enjoyed a lot playing the powdery white sand and calm waves. Its coastline is soothing, outspread, and stretching enough for jogging, walking, and camping. The water is clear and shoal. If you have kids with you, then this place is for them. You are at peace lying under a Talisay tree while your kids are safe playing at the plain and rock-less shoreline. They can swim as well in the hollow side of the ocean. 

GPS: 6.849997, 99.734675

Swimming at Manang River 

River in Manang is around 1 Km away from 7 Eleven, Manang. This river is best for swimming, camping, and fishing.  One day as I was passing this river I heard noises of young teens from the river. So stopped my bike and took out my camera. They were swimming and jumping from a huge fallen dead tree. One of them asked me "Len Naam Mai Krap?" English, " Do you come to play water?" "No, I come to see what are you doing here. You guys are having a lot of fun," I replied.  

GPS: 6.993743, 99.885391

Bathing at Tharasawan 

This waterfall is located in the jungle of Khuankalong. The fresh streams of its waters flow from the preserved forest. Mountain biking can be the best transport to reach this waterfall, but if you don't want to get sweat then driving a motorbike or car is good. You just need to be careful driving since the road uphill is narrow and curvy. This place is suitable for camping and for hanging out with friends. If you don't like to sleep in a tent, then there are bungalows available just nearby.

GPS: 6.936300, 100.051841

Chilling at Wangsaithong 
in Satun

The Namtok Wang Sai Thong is the only limestone waterfall in Satun Province. You should not miss this waterfall. Get wet under its fresh cold waters. It also has a water pool where adults and children can enjoy swimming. This waterfall connects to the mainstream called Wang Sai Thong River with a total distance of 8 km. Fenced with wild trees providing shades for kayakers.  If you run out of time to go back home, there are affordable bungalows available nearby. But if you have a hammock or tent, camping in front of the waterfall is best. Read more here

GPS: 7.089795, 99.909769

Reflecting at Saijai Waterfall

Sai Jai Waterfall is a beautiful place for touching your soul. This place is easy to reach. The stream of its waters flows from the preserved forest of Khuankalong. The peak of this waterfall is easy to hike since there is already trail going up. Even if you are not an expert hiker you can reach its peak in just a few minutes. I love to go back again there. 

GPS: 6.959803, 100.034356

Hiking Daokrajai Waterfall
The highest waterfall in Satun

This waterfall is hidden in the jungle of Khuankalong, Satun. You need to pass a steep hill and several curves until you reach the main trail. A motorbike or a mountain bike is the best transport to reach this place.  At the parking area lock your vehicle  and start trekking the rocky, steep, and forested narrow trail. It is around 30 minutes to hike depending on your speed. If you have gears for climbing, rappelling the waterfall's peak is also possible. A water pool right in front of the massive drops of waters serves as for swimming and diving. Camping facing on a big flat rock facing the waterfall is also possible. Read more here

GPS: 7.0391041, 100.0361667

Camping at Namtok Wangtainan

The name of this waterfall is Wang Tai Nan. It is located in the jungle of Manang, Satun province next to Trang Province. I spent my night here during my 35th birthday. Among my hiking trips, trekking to this waterfall is challenging. It is two hours to hike from the main road. The trail is extremely muddy and slippery during the rainy season, plus leeches. The trail is surrounded by huge trees and wild plants.  Various birds singing on the branches are so beautiful too hear.  Read more here. 

GPS: 7.132472, 100.019889

Caving at Tham Phuphaphet

The Phu Phat Phet Cave is located in the district of Manang. This cave was kept secret and has only recently been exposed to international tourism. For those who enjoy Eco-Tourism or love caves, this is the best place to visit. This is the largest cave in Thailand, the third largest cave in the world. It is known as the Diamond Mountain Cave. If you decided to come, bring with you a flashlight, water, and a piece of towel. Two hours exploring is good enough for hurry visitors, but if you really want to enjoy the nature and relax inside, you need to stay there for a little bit longer than 2 hours. Bring your food, water, burner, and of course your coffee and tea. You will never regret having visited this cave. Read more here

GPS: 7.124566, 99.998346

Island Hopping at Tarutao Islands

Tarutao Islands are a delightful sandy white shoreline. These islands are the most beautiful islands in the deep south of Thailand. One of its islands is shown in a movie called "mechanic" by Jason Statham. The island name is Koh Lipe. Our visit here was remarkable. We did snorkeling, fish feeding, island hopping, and just doing nothing. This island is lively with lots of choices about food, drinks, and accommodations. Meeting people from different cultures both locals and international is possible. The opposite side of the island is totally calm and quiet that you can only hear the whistle of the wind and the sound of the ocean waves. Read more here.  

GPS: 6.4877471,99.2799413

Eating the Thai Roti 
Street pancake in Satun 
Roti is a wheat flour sautéed bread with inception. In Thailand, roti bread is like India's level bread made paratha and Malaysia's roti canai. It is most prominently served as a nibble finished with sweetened dense milk, white sugar, and banana or even chocolate. In Satun, it is additionally served close with curry, particularly for breakfast. It is easy to find this because of it almost present in every booth food on the road.  See the video here. 

Eating Red Ants 

You will never imagine that ants can be eaten as a snack or part of a meal. I tried this and no joke It is really delicious. There are particular ants that can be eaten in Thailand. They ordinarily make their house at the tree limbs by collapsing its leaves. The color of these ants is generally red. The white eggs of them are blended with the live ants to be eaten. You should not miss trying this snack if you happened to visit Satun. Most of the villagers have them in their kitchen, and sometimes there is on the market for 20 Baht. Video here

Visiting The Giant Elephant 

This is a chain-less elephant. Elephants are some of the world’s amazing animals. They are really genius, extremely strong, and a good model of submission. Elephants are really heavy, about 2,000-5,000 kg each. Elephants can consume 130-170 kilograms of grass, banana, sugarcane, and leaves each day. Their trunks alone contain 100 thousand different muscles, which they use for smelling, breathing, trumpeting, drinking and for grabbing things.  Amazingly they do not sleep much, about two hours at night then they eat again until sunrise. Video here.

Kayaking at Wangsaitong River 

Situated in the most forested area in Satun, Langu district, South of Thailand, there is a beautiful river called Wangsaithong where you can paddle a kayak or a canoe on a river for about 7- 10 kilometers in distance. Although the river is located in Langu district, if you are from Hatyai the road is in Manang district. So some travelers misunderstood that Wangsauthong river is in Manang district. Read more here.

Hiking in the Jungle of Manang

The jungle of Manang in Satun province is waiting for you to be explored. It is a home of the largest cave in Thailand, dazzling waterfalls and rivers, verdant tropical forest, and towering mountains. Read more here. 

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