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Hello there. I'm delighted you've found your way to my blog. Please call me Ian. I am originally from Davao City, Philippines. However, I am now residing in Thailand.

This blog aims to share my thoughts on life, culture, travel, and, most importantly, my journey as a father. One day, my children will read my blog and be inspired by what I have done. And I'm hoping that by blogging, I can encourage someone.

I love Thailand and consider myself blessed to be married to a Thai national, Nittie. Nana and Nemi, our two children, are also a blessing to us.

Nana is pictured below. Her birth was not an easy one. For about 18 hours, she was deprived of water and oxygen in the womb. However, she is now strong and healthy. I see the miracle of unconditional love every time I see her.

Nana 1 month 

Next is nemi. This boy was in my dreams. A child assisted me in pulling a bucket from a deep well during a famine in the land. Two of us filled empty gallons with people who were waiting in line. Nemi was born a month before the due date of his birth, but he is now healthy and strong.

Nemi 3 months 

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog and find it helpful. Blessings and peace to you and to your family. Thank you.


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