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July 26, 2023

Disturbing Incident Experienced By Nemi At His School

By Ianpassion
Nemi doing her homework

Last night, during dinner, my son Nemi was in tears, expressing his unwillingness to go to school. Concerned, we immediately probed the reason behind his distress. To our shock, he revealed that one of his teachers had not only shouted at him but had also resorted to physical aggression, hitting him twice with her hand. The first blow struck his back, and the second landed on his lap.

Naturally, we sought an explanation for such unacceptable behavior from the teacher. Nemi explained that he couldn't finish rewriting Thai letter activities in his book within the allotted time. Although he had diligently worked on the task and was close to completion, he couldn't keep up with the pace. The news filled me with anger, and I felt an intense rush of heat in my head. No teacher should ever treat our son or any student in such a manner.

The reason we chose to enroll our children in a private school was to protect them from the physical abuse that regrettably still occurs in some places nowadays. It deeply saddens us that this incident has not only affected Nemi but other innocent young pupils as well. It is utterly unimaginable that an adult could resort to using physical force against a second-grade child. Nemi shared his helplessness in defending himself, given the teacher's much larger size, unlike the boy who bullied him during lunchtime. We immediately reported the incident to the classroom adviser and now await the outcome.

This morning, Nemi struggled to get out of bed, take a shower, and have breakfast. It was evident that he wanted to avoid encountering that teacher again. Our greatest hope and prayer are that he doesn't suffer any lasting trauma from this distressing experience. We kindly request your thoughts and prayers for all our children, with a special focus on Nemi during this difficult time.

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