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November 05, 2020

Hiking 2020 Reflection | What Does the Old Wineskin Mean?

By Ianpassion

I went back hiking to celebrate my birthday. Decided to save, I still wore maybe my 7 years old trekking pants, a gift from a friend.

It was funny, while fully concentrated grinding our coffee beans, my pants ripped somewhere. That made me think what the Scripture says about the old wineskin.

The reason why the old wineskin cannot hold any more wine because it became brittle and lost its elasticity. So when a fresh wine is poured it broke. It is similar to my pants. A new one is needed. The reason we are not making any progress in life because we still dwell in the old ways. We are bound by the barriers of the past, culture, and relationship. We accepted the status quo and feeling fine living an average and a mediocre life. If we want new things poured into our lives "far and beyond" favor, let us start seeing ourselves rising to a new level. 

  We can't live a new life 
with old thinking. 

It is our limited thinking that will cause us to live a limited life. So get rid of the old wineskin--- the old thinking. Leave the old ways, the old system, and old habits. Remember that the enemy wants us to settle where we feel comfortable and not pursuing our dreams. He wanted to lock down us in his lies. He wants us to believe that we will not get healed anymore and we can't anymore achieve something. 

But my question is...
Will you allow him to limit us? Will you allow him to manipulate us? Friend...let us remember, we have the can-do power. Christos omen hu elpis doxis. Blessings!


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